About Us



Nova was founded on the bedrock of focusing on people first, while crafting landscaping and hardscaping that are impressive from all angles. We believe your projects should be aesthetically pleasing to your guests and functional for your property. In the end, our goal is to sequence a comprehensive plan that gives you the flexibility to complete your project at your pace and find creative solutions to stay within your budget.

Leadership and Employees

It all starts with dirt, water, and a willingness to try something new.

What our Clients Say

Nova Landscape Group provided innovative ideas and guidance in regard to the design and the cost of multiple projects and the landscape architects in both cases were very complimentary of Nova. We didn’t always get them started as early as we should have but their team never missed a schedule and most importantly, my clients have always loved their work and attitude.


Phillip K. Sharp

Senior Vice President at KDC

From the first time meeting Anthony over 5 years ago, I knew that Nova would be a huge success. Their commitment to customer service and the overall project success is second to none. Nova helped me finish several overly aggressive schedules and turn over a great product to the end user. Every time I called and cut their install time in half; Nova and crew worked tirelessly to always say, “yes sir, no problem”. With them as a partner, any general contractor can be successful. I look forward to many more projects with them on the team.


Josh Kubala


I have had the pleasure of working closely with Nova since they first started. They have always performed well and have always been able to complete the projects on time and with-in the budget at a high level of acceptability. Nova works diligently to be a true problem solving partner and brings great people and ideas to the project. They plan to be successful and they are successful! Often, our schedules become very compacted at the end and Nova has always stepped up and does whatever is required to get our landscaping complete. I highly recommend Nova to any group that is looking for the BEST landscape team!


Paul Harlan

Construction Manager

NOVA Landscape Group, Inc. is a highly professional company that produces outstanding results in the toughest timelines with ease. As part of the General Contractor team, I have had the privilege of working with this team for about a year at the new Legacy West development for the JP Morgan & Chase Co. regional office. They were meticulous in every aspect of the project and committed to meeting the General Contractors expectations and as well as the Owner’s needs. NOVA as an organization is well diverse in site development and has a deep knowledge of the industry allowing us to receive sound advice on the proper installation requirements in all facets of landscape installation. It was a pleasure to work with you guys. Look forward to working with you on the next project!